12:00 - 13:00

How does GVC contribute to strengthening an organisation’s culture, communities, and people’s behaviour? Engaging members in collaborative experiences. Measuring collaboration success/impact. What specific metrics can we come up with to prove GVC works?


  • Irina Maltseva, Rostelecom
  • Sergey Gevlich, Smysloteka
  • Pavel Dedkov, Belarus
  • Mikhail Golovatov, Tomsk State University
  • Alina Pashina, Enactus finalist
  • Valentin Voynov, VILAVI


  1. Shared experiences – Communicating GVC success stories
    Examples of how people are doing collaboration in the virtual world today. Examples of failed cases in virtual collaboration: what difficulties we face, what rake not to tread.

  2. Engaging members in collaborative experiences
    What needs to be done to make people want to collaborate with you? How in general convey to people that it is possible and necessary to collaborate virtually today because this is a new reality?

  3. Roles and behaviors of collaborative people
    What kind of people can be called in collaboration: requirements for people? Tips on how to distribute roles in a team for setting up a team (for the leader, the initiator of the team). How to transfer leadership in a collaborative team?

  4. Measuring collaboration success/impact
    Ways to measure the effectiveness of collaboration: KPIs show that we are going in the right direction. How to get out of collaboration and by what indicators to determine that collaboration is no longer necessary/impossible.

Quick Info

  • 08.12.2021
  • 12:00 - 13:00
  • Special Russian session


Irina Maltseva

Director of the Rostelecom Competence and Personnel Management Center

Mikhail Golovatov

Head of the Department of innovations in science and technology of TSU