KM Russia

KM Russia is a special event where world-leading experts, entrepreneurs and scientists co-create the new knowledge on how to collaborate, co-create and do knowledge management. 

For 12 years now, we have been accumulating insides and ideas, methods and tools on KM, KIM, and KAM so that progressive leaders can apply that in their projects and demonstrate its value of KM.


The most diverse global knowledge professionals community, that gives its members access to any guaranteed up-to-date knowledge and its curator.

KM Global Network collectively hold the widest diversity of perspectives and expertise, including academics, practitioners, SME’s, corporates, industries, different ages, nations, religions etc. in common open collaboration culture.

The theme of the event

Global virtual communication, collaboration, co-creation
as a way to manage knowledge assets in a new reality

Key topics


How do we capture the results of GVC, eg. ‘explicit’ knowledge assets, case studies, success stories?


Over time, how does GVC contribute to strengthening an organization’s culture, communities, and people’s behavior?


What specific metrics can we come up with to prove GVC works (near term, long term)?


New era of positioning: transforming an organization and managing assets to continuously achieve the most advantageous position in the market

Unique format for online collaboration

It is time to move from learning to collaborating and co-creating with each other.  KM Russia will be held in a specific interactive format, where experts and participants will co-create together new knowledge on how to collaborate virtually.

Four themes, four breakout rooms brainstorms, will lead to myriads of insights that we collect together.

The format is provided by G-LINK community.

Join and contribute to the discussions

  • Share your experience;
  • Show your vision;
  • Bring in your culture;
  • Influence on the conclusions.

Together we define how to develop projects in the face of uncertainty in a new economy.

We are happy to see your ideas on how to make the event better. Please contact us via

Team of experts

Experts about KM Russia

The agenda (UTC)

8 December, 2021


10:15 - 11:45
Knowledge sharing and co-creation session

Global virtual collaboration experience. Developing and leading multicultural teams and communities in a new reality. Principles of Building a Collaborative Culture. Becoming Adaptable/MindFLEX (Collaboration AND Competition)

  • Arthur Shelley (Australia)
  • Madanmohan Rao (India)
  • Rajesh Dhillon (Singapore)
  • Ved Prakash (India)
  • Stuart French (Australia)
  • Arun Battula (India)
  • Brad Adriaanse (Australia)
  • Olga Smirnova
  • Sergey Voynov
  • Alina Pashina
  • Alexander Mashkov
  • Arina Khramova
8 December, 2021


12:00 - 13:00
Special Russian session

How does GVC contribute to strengthening an organisation’s culture, communities, and people’s behaviour? Engaging members in collaborative experiences. Measuring collaboration success/impact. What specific metrics can we come up with to prove GVC works?

  • Sergey Gevlich
  • Irina Maltseva
  • Mikhail Golovatov
  • Pavel Dedkov (Belarus)
  • Valentin Voynov
  • Alina Pashina
12:00 - 12:40
Panel session

The full-year 2021 results and new challenges in 2022. What new knowledge does business have at the end of 2021? Which of the lessons of this year will be a valuable asset in facing new challenges?

  • Igor Berezin
  • Pavel Dedkov (Belarus)
  • Vadim Shiryaev
  • Olga Smirnova
  • Eugene Kadushin
12:40 - 13:45
Discussion panel and case parade

The implementation of positioning in a new reality. The idea developing and embodiment experience of business leaders

  • Alexander Zadorozhny
  • Vyacheslav Muravyov
  • Oleg Retanov
  • Inga Munina
  • Sergey Ivanov
  • Denis Gros
  • Vlada Antonova
  • Maxim Afonasyev
  • Sergey Kryukov
  • Daria Ermakova
13:45 - 14:00
Panel session

A new era of positioning: Transforming an organization and managing its assets to continuously achieve the most advantageous position in the market. Introducing Annual Positioning Business Award nominees.

  • Vadim Shiryaev
  • Olga Smirnova

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