10:15 - 11:45

Global virtual collaboration experience. Developing and leading multicultural teams and communities in a new reality. Principles of Building a Collaborative Culture. Becoming Adaptable/MindFLEX (Collaboration AND Competition)

Session co-creators:

Brad Adriaanse (Australia), Arun Battula (India), Molly Chaudhuri (India), KF Cheng (Hong Kong), Elena Denisova (Russia), Rajesh Dhillon (Singapore), Stuart French (Australia), Denis Gros (Russia), Balaji Iyer (India), Alina Pashina (Russia), Ved Prakash (India), Faiz Salemat (Singapore), Sergey Voynov (Russia)


  • Madanmohan Rao (India)
  • Olga Smirnova (Russia)


  • Alina Pashina (Russia)
  • Rajesh Dhillon (Singapore)
  • Alexander Mashkov (Russia)
  • Arun Battula (India)
  • Ved Prakash (India)
  • Sergey Voynov (Russia)
  • Stuart French (Australia)
  • Brad Adriaanse (Australia)
  • Arina Khramova (Russia)
  • Arthur Shelley (Australia)


  1. Building team relationships and trust online
    Evolution of a collaborative partner: what stages does he go through and according to certain signs of development, that the transition from one stage to another has taken place.

  2. Principles of Building a Collaborative Culture
    How to scale culture: principles of cultural dissemination, including how to understand who is in which culture? How to make online collaboration more effective than offline? What features of online collaboration can you enjoy that you haven’t thought about offline?

  3. Becoming Adaptable/MindFLEX (Collaboration AND Competition)
    How to collaborate and compete at the same time? How to move from a culture of competition to a culture of collaboration? How to establish the framework for collaboration with competitors (inter-organization collaboration)?

Quick Info

  • 08.12.2021
  • 10:15 - 11:45
  • Knowledge sharing and co-creation session


Arina Khramova

Leader of the Federal business club (Community of Successful Practitioners), Moscow